Sir Henry Bayntun


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Lieutenant 15 Apr 1783
Captain 4 May 1794

color="#ffff00" Trafalgar -21 Oct 1805

color="#ffff00" Leviathan (74)

R. Adm - Blue 12 Aug 1812
R. Adm - White 4 Jun 1814
K.C.B. 2 Jan 1815
R. Adm - Red 12 Aug 1819
V. Adm - Blue 19 Jul 1821
V. Adm - White 27 May 1825
V. Adm - Red 22 Jul 1830
AB 10 Jan 1837
GCB 25 Oct 1839
Died at Bath

17 Dec 1840

(Biographical summary from a publication of the navy Records Society)

Sir Henry William  Bayntun, 1766-1840, admiral, son of the consul-general at Algiers, entered the navy at an early age and was advanced to be a lieutenant on 15 Apri11783. In that rank he served at the reduction of Martinique in March 1794, and was promoted by Sir John Jervis to the command of the Avenger sloop. After the capture of Guadeloupe he was posted into the Undaunted frigate on 4 May 1794. With only one short intermission, in 1796, he continued in the West Indies during the next ten years of active war and the short peace. On his return to England he was appointed to command the Leviathan,  (74)  and was sent to the Mediterranean to join Lord Nelson, then blockading Toulon. He had thus a share in the pursuit of the French fleet to the West Indies and back, and in the crowning glory of Trafalgar, where the Leviathan was closely engaged with, amongst others, the French flag-ship Bucentaur, the Santissima Trinidada, and the St. Augustin (74). At the funeral of Lord Nelson in January 1806 Captain Bayntun bore the guidon in the water procession from Greenwich Hospital. In June 1807 he was present with the squadron under Rear-admiral Murray which was sent to Buenos Ayres to co-operate with the army, till the general's incapacity compelled it to re-embark without advantage or even honour. Afterwards, in 1809, he commanded the Milford (74), and in 1811 was appointed to the command of the Royal Sovereign yacht. He had no further active service, and his public life may be summed up by saying that he became rear-admiral on 12 Aug. 1812, vice-admiral on 19 July 1821, and admiral on 10 Jan. 1837. On 2 Jan. 1815 he was made K.C.B., and advanced to G.C.B. on 25 Oct. 1839. 

            He died on 17 Dec. 1840.

(Biographical detail from the Dictionary of National Biography - 1880)


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