John Gillespie

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Lieutenant 9 Oct 1800
Died 1804

The following information was provided by a descendant Bill Gillespie - January 2002

I am seeking information on my ancester Lieutenant John Gillespie.
What I know, gained with the help of several kind people.
On John's passing certificate dated 7th August 1800, it said that he was over 25 years of age & had served over 6 years in ships. The ships were
12 February 1793-28 February 1794 as a LM on the Diadem
1 March 1794-3 April 1796 as a Midshipman on the Diadem
4 April 1796-3 September 1798 as a Master Mate on the L'Aigle
4 September1798-26 July 1799 as a Master Mate on the Centaur
John was shown on the navy List until December 1802.
John does not show up on pay lists for the ships St. George & Elephant.
Date of seniority was shown as 9 October 1800.
Another source found the same seniority date & the fact he died in 1804.
Family story passed down, says he was wounded before Trafalgar, & bought a 2nd hand grandfather clock with his first pension cheque. Clock still in our possession. Story & pictures of clock available on request. e-mail me in Ontario, Canada.

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