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Rear-Admiral John Pasco



"A truly gallant sailor
and amiable gentleman"


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At the Battle of Trafalgar Lieutenant John Pasco was the flag-lieutenant of HMS Victory and in this capacity he was responsible for raising Nelson's famous "England Expects" signal.

 Not only that  but he also advised Nelson on the precise wording that should be used for the signal.


>Career summary


color="black">15 July 1795


color="black">24 Dec 1805


color="black">3 April 1811

color="black">Rear Admiral (Blue)

color="black">22 Sept 1847

color="black">Rear Admiral (White)

color="black">9 Oct 1849

color="black">Rear Admiral (Red)



color="black">Nov 1853

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(n.b. - in the various reports there is some contradiction about Pasco's official D.O.B.)
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John Pasco circa 1805

color="black">A portrait painted circa 1805 and a house he lived in in later life.

color="black">A tea caddy belonging to John Pasco
color="black">A gavel presented to J.P. on his retirement from the navy


color="black">A sewing box belonging to Rebecca Pasco,

color="black"> J.P.'s first wife












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