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Back in the 60's it was considered one of the biggest issues of mankind. What got Nelson there was small, defined, managed steps.



Allen, Joseph Life of Viscount Nelson 1852 Routledge
Anon The Letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton 1814 Thomas Lovewell
Aston, George Nelson 1927 Benns 6d Library
Badham, F B Nelson at Naples ... refuting certain misstatements 1900 David Nutt
Badham, F B Nelson & Ruffo 1905 James Finch
Barker, M H(The Old Sailor) The Life of Nelson 1836  
Barrington, E The divine lady: a romance of Nelson & Lady Hamilton 1925  
Beatty, Sir W Authentic Narrative of the Death of Lord Nelson    
Bennett, Geoffrey Nelson the Commander 1972 Scribner
Beresford, Baron C W B Nelson & His Times 1897  
Bradford, Ernle Nelson: The Essential Hero 1977 Macmillan
Braveta, Ettore Nelson 1931 Milan
Britton, C J New Chronicles of the Life of Lord Nelson 1946 Cornish Brothers
Brown, George L The Public & Private Life of Horatio, Viscount Nelson 1891 Fisher Unwin
Bryant, Arthur Nelson 1970 Collins
Callender, Geof. The Life of Nelson 1912 Longmans
Capes, Renalt Poseidon: A Personal Study of Admiral Lord Nelson 1947 Sidgwick & Jackson
Captain in the Royal navy Memoirs of Nelson's Life 1805  
Captain of the British navy  Life & Achievements of Lord Nelson 1805  
Charnock, John Biographical Memoirs of Lord Viscount Nelson 1806  
Childs, W W Words & deeds of Nelson (a brief record) 1905  
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Clarke, J S & M'Arthur, J Life of Admiral Lord Nelson 1809  
Clarke, R Life of Horatio, Lord Viscount Nelson 1813 J & J Cundee
Collingwood Adam Anecdotes of the Late Lord Viscount Nelson 1806 J Stratford
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Cowie, Leonard W Lord Nelson 1758-1805: A bibliography 1990 Meckler
Dancer, Thomas A Brief History of the Late Expedition against Fort St Juan 1781 Jamaica
Dane, Clemence The Nelson Touch - Anthology of Lord Nelson's Letters 1942 Heineman
Dawson, Warren R The Nelson Collection at Lloyds 1932  
DeLamartine, A Nelson    
Dingwall, Alexander The Great Admiral; The Story of Horatio Nelson 1965 Lutterworth Press
Dumas Alexandre Love & Liberty or Nelson at Naples    
Duncan, Archibold The Life of the Late Most Noble Lord Horatio Nelson 1806 James Cundee
Edgington, Harry Nelson - the Hero & Lover 1981 Hamlyn
Edinger, G & Neep, E F C Horatio Nelson 1933 Jonathan Cape
Ellison, Owen Lord Nelson, Naval Hero >1908  
Evans, W J Reflections written after viewing the musket ball which killed Lord Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar 1806 Islington
Fairburn The Life, Death, and funeral of Admiral Lord Nelson 1806  
Fitchett, W H Nelson & His Captains 1911 Smith, Elder & Co
Foote, E J Nelson, a vindication of hs conduct at Naples 1810 London
Forester, C S Nelson: a biography 1944 The Bodley Head
French, G R The Royal Descent of Nelson & Wellington from Edward the first 1853  
Gamlin, Hilda Nelson's Friendships 1899 Hutchinson
Gerin, Winifred Horatia Nelson (Nelson's daughter)    
Gill, E Nelson & the Hamiltons on tour  1987 Alan Sutton Pub.
Gould, S Baring A Memorial of Nelson 1905  
Grenfell, Capt Russell Nelson the Sailor 1949 Faber & Faber
Grenfell, Capt Russell Horatio Nelson: a short biography 1968 Faber & Faber
Gye, Clara E E Nelson 1905 Gale & Polden
Hannay, David Nelson & his biographers    
Harris, D J & Cross, A The Nelson Almanac: A book of days 1998  
Harris, Nathaniel The Nelsons 1972 Dent
Harrison, James Life of the Rigt Honourable Horatio Lord Viscount Nelson 1806 C Chapple
Harrison, J (?) Letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton 1814 Thomas Lovewell
Hart, Roger England Expects 1972 Wayland Publishers
Hattersley, Roy Nelson 1976 Omega
Hedges, A A C Admiral Lord Nelson 1975 Jarrold
Hibbert, Christopher Nelson - A personal history 1994 Viking
Holme, R H Nelson - England's sailor hero 1905 Scott Publishing Co
Hough, Richard Nelson: a biography 1980 Park Lane Press
Howarth, David & Stephen Nelson: The immortal memory 1988
size="1" Hudson, G (Ed) see Warner Nelson's Last Diary 1917 Elkin Matthews
Isaacson, C J  Admiral Lord Nelson and his homeland 1988
Jagger, J E Lord Nelson's home at Merton 1926 London
James, Adm Sir Wm The Durable Monument - Horatio Nelson 1948 size="1" Longmans Green & Co
Jeaffreson, J C Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson 1897 Hurst & Blackett
Jeaffreson, J C The Queen of Naples and Lord Nelson 1899 Hurst & Blackett
Jerrold, Walter (Ed) The Nelson Touch 1918 John Murray
Keate, Edith M Nelson's Wife 1939 Cassell & Co
Kennedy, Ludovic Nelson's Band of Brothers 1951 Odham's Press
Kennedy, Ludovic Nelson & his captains (revised title of above) 1975 Collins
Kerr, Adm Mark The Sailor's Nelson 1932 Hurst & Blackett
Kingston, W H G The Story of Nelson
Kirchersen, Friedrich M Nelson: The establishment of British world dominion 1931 Collins
Knight Frank The Hero: Vice Admiral Horatio Viscount Nelson 1969 Macdonald
Lamatine, A de Nelson 1758-1805 1853 Paris
Lang, John A Life of Nelson 1914 TC & EC Jack
Laughton, Sir John Knox The Nelson Memorial: Nelson & his Companion in Arms 1896
Laughton, Sir John Knox Letters & Dispatches
Lawson, G Letters from Lord Nelson 1949 Staples Press
Lloyd, Christopher Nelson & Sea Power 1973 English Univ Press
Lloyd, Christopher An accurate and impartial life of Viscount Nelson 1806 J Fowler
Mahan, Capt A The Life of Nelson, the embodiment of the seapower of Great Britain 1897
Markham, A H Northward Ho! (the 1773 expedition towards the North Pole) 1879 Macmillan
Marriott, Leo What's Left of Nelson 1995 Dial House
Matcham George Notes on the character of Lord Nelson (in relation to the journal of Mrs St George) 1861 London & Salisbury
Matcham, M Eyre The Nelson's of Burnham Thorpe 1911
McCarthy, Lily Lambert Remembering Nelson 1995 RNM
Miles, J M A vindication of Admiral Lord Nelson's procedings in the Bay of Naples 1843 Baily
Moorhouse, Esther Hallam Nelson in England: A domestic chronicle 1913 Chapman & Hall
Morrison, Alfred The collection of autograph letters and historical documents formed by A Morrison 1882/93 Private
Morrison, Alfred Hamilton & Nelson papers 1893/4 Private
Morriss, R Nelson: The life and letters of a hero 1996 Collins & Browne
Mountbatten, L A Nelson Medals: medals struck in honour of Nelson, collected by Admiral he Marquess of Milford Haven 1918
Naish, G P B Nelson & Bronte: An illustrated guide to his life and times 1958 NMM/HMSO
National Maritime Museum Nelson: an illustrated history 1995 NMM
Nelson, Thomas A genealogical history of the Nelson family  1908 Thew & Son
Nicolas Sir N H The dispatches and letters of Vice Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson
Oman, Carola Nelson 1947 Hodder & Stoughton
Orde, Denis Nelson's Mediterranean Command. Concerning pride, preferment and prize money 1998 Pentland Press Ltd
Orme, E & Blagdon, F Orme's graphic history of the life, exploits and death of Horatio Nelson
Padfield, Peter Nelson's War 1976 W H Allen
Parsons, G S Nelsonian Reminiscences - Leaves from memory's log book 1905 Gibbings
Parsons, G S I sailed with Nelson 1973 George Mann
Pettigrew, T J Memoirs of the life of Vice-Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson 1849 T &  Boone
Phipps, Capt C J A voyage towards the North Pole undertaken by his majesty's command 1774/1978 Caedmon reprints of Whitby
Plowman, Stephanie Nelson 1955 Methuen
Pocock, Tom Nelson & his world 1968 Thames & Hudson
Pocock, Tom The young Nelson in the Americas 1980 Collins
Pocock, Tom Horatio Nelson 1987 The Bodley Head
Pocock, Tom Nelson & the campaign in Corsica 1994
Pocock, Tom Nelson's Women 1999 Andre Deutsch
Pooley, G Burnham Boy: Horatio Lord Nelson 1994
Pugh, Capt P D Gordon Nelson & his surgeons 1968 Edinburgh & London
Rathbone, Philip Paradise Merton: The story of Nelson and the Hamiltons at Merton Place 1973
Rawson G (Ed) Nelson's letters from the Leeward Islands 1953 Golden Cockerel Press
Rawson G (Ed) Nelson's Letters 1960 Everyman Library
Russell, Jack Nelson and the Hamiltons 1969 Anthony Blond
Russell, W Clark Horatio Nelson & Naval Supremacy of England 1895
Russell, W Clark Nelson's words and deeds 1890 Sampson Low
Savours, Anne Arctic, the 1773 Phipps expedition towards the North Pole 1984  
Sladen, D B C The Admiral: a romance of Nelson in the year of the Nile (fiction) 1898
Sladen, Douglas Lord Nelson's letters to Lady Hamilton 1907
Smith, A Corbett Nelson - the man 1926 Williams & Northgate
Southey, Robert Life of Nelson
Strahan, Sir Richard Authentic memoirs of the brave and much lamented Adml Lord Nelson 1805 J Roach
Styles, F Showell Mr Nelson's Ladies 1953 Faber & Faber
Swaffer, H & Hutchinson, C What would Nelson do? 1946 Victor Gollancz
Tarpey, B N Nelson at Malta 1994 BRIFMA Ass
Thompson, G Life of the Right Honourable Viscount Nelson 1843
Thursfield, J R Nelson and other naval studies 1909 John Murray
Tucker, Col J Montmorency Lord Nelson: Life & naval memoirs 1850 Willoughby & Co
Tunstall, Brian Nelson 1933 Duckworth
Upcott, J D Nelson and the command of the sea 1928 Putnam
Walder, David Nelson: A biography 1978 Hamish Hamilton
Walker, Richard The Nelson Portraits 1998  
Warner, Oliver Lord Nelson: A reading guide 1955 Carvel Press
Warner, Oliver A portrait of Lord Nelson 1959 Reprint Society
Warner, Oliver Nelson & the Age of Fighting Sail 1963 Cassell Caravel
Warner, Oliver (Ed) Nelson's Last Diary 1971 Beeley, Service
Watts, C Nelson/Victory factfile Vincent Graphics
Whipple, A B C All about Nelson 1966 W H Allen
White, A & Moorhouse, E  Nelson & the twentieth century 1905
White, Colin The Nelson Companion 1997 Allen Sutton Pub
White, Colin 1797: Nelson's year of destiny 1999 Sutton Publishing
White, Joshua Memoirs of the professional life of Lord Viscount Nelson 1805
Whitlock, P & Pearce, W Nelson & Victory RNM
Wilkinson, Clennell A Nelson 1931 Geo C Harrap
Winter, Leslie Hero's Country. Nelson & the Norfolk he knew 1975 Private
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Nelson's Battles

Cape St Vincent  
Bethune, J Drinkwater A Narrative of the Battle of St Vincent 1797 & 1840  
Drinkwater Narrative of the Battle of St Vincent 1840  
Lloyd, Christopher St Vincent & Camperdown 1963 Batsford
White, Colin Battle of Cape St Vincent 1997
The Nile  
Berry, Sir Edward An Authentic Narrative of...His Majesty's Squadron ...to the Battle of the Nile 1798  
Burgoyne, Colonel Sir John A Short History of the Naval and Military Operations in Egypt, 1789-1802 1997 Poniard Pub. (Can)
Foreman, L & Phillips, E Napoleon's Lost Fleet. Bonaparte, Nelson & the Battle of the Nile 1999  
Lavery, B Nelson & the Nile: The Mediterranean Campaign of 1798 1998  
Lloyd, Christopher The Nile Campaign: Nelson & Napoleon in Egypt 1973 David & Charles
Warner, Oliver The Battle of the Nile 1960 Batsford
Willyams, Revd Cooper A voyage in the Mediterranean in HMS Swiftsure (inc Battle of the Nile) 1802 London
Pope, Dudley The Great Gamble: Nelson at Copenhagen 1972 Weidenfield & Nicholson
Addis, C P The Men who fought with Nelson in HMS Victory at Trafalgar 1988 Nelson Society
Admiralty Committee to examine and consider the tactics employed by Nelson at Trafalgar 1913  
Bayliss, T H The True Account of Nelson's Famous Signal 1905 Allen
Bennett, Geoffrey The Battle of Trafalgar 1977 Batsford
Clarke, John D The Men of HMS Victory at Trafalgar 2000 Vintage Naval Lib.
Clowes, W Laird Trafalgar re-fought 1905  
Corbett, Julian S The Campaign of Trafalgar 1919  
Danes Paul The Battle of Trafalgar 1972 Pan Books
Eastwick, Constance The Trafalgar Campaign 1933 Clarendon Press
Fraser, Edward The Enemy at Trafalgar 1906 Hodder & Stoughton
Fremantle, A F Trafalgar 1805 1933 Peter Davies Ltd
Gardiner, R (Ed) The Campaign of Trafalgar 1803-1805 1997 Chatham
Harbron, J D Trafalgar and the Spanish navy 1988  
Howarth, D Trafalgar: The Nelson touch 1969 Collins
Huskisson Thomas Eye Witness to Trafalgar 1985 Ellison's Editions
Legg, Stuart (Ed) Trafalgar. An eye-witness account of a great battle 1966  
Mackenzie, R H The Trafalgar Roll 1969 Cornmarket Press
Maine R Trafalgar: Napoleon's Naval Waterloo 1957 Thames & Hudson
Mead, H P Trafalgar signals 1936 London
Nelson H The Nelson Memorandum: Copy of Nelson's general memorandum to the fleet before Trafalgar 1906  
Newbolt, Henry The Year of Trafalgar 1905 John Murray
Pope, Dudley England Expects: Nelson and the Trafalgar campaign 1972 Weidenfield & Nicholson
Ribbons, Ian Monday 21st October 1805 1968 OUP
Sargeaunt, B E An account of Lord Nelson's signal "England expects that every man will do his duty"    
Schom, A Trafalgar: Countdown to battle 1803-1805 1990 Michael Joseph
Terraine, John Trafalgar: Eye witness accounts. Compiled by John Westwood
Villiers, Alan The Battle of Trafalgar, Lord Nelson sweeps the seas 1965 Macmillan
Warner, Oliver Trafalgar 1961 Batsford
Wilmot, S Eardley Nelson's Last Campaign 1905 Edward Stanford
Gardiner, R (Ed) Nelson against Napoleon: From the Nile to Copenhagen 1798-1801 1997 Chatham
Hewitt James (Ed) Eye-witnesses to Nelson's Battles 1972 Osprey
Lyon D Sea Battles in Close Up: The age of Nelson 1996 Ian Allan/NMM
Morris, William O'Connor The great campaigns of Nelson: St Vincent, the Nile, Copenhagen, Trafalgar 1898 Blackie
Tracy, N Nelson's Battles: The Art of Victory in the Age of Sail 1996
Warner, Oliver Nelson's Battles

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Books specific to the Hamiltons and Naples

Acton Harold The Bourbons of Naples 1957  
Anon (American) Memoirs of Emma, Lady Hamilton, the friend of Lord Nelson 1910 PF Collier & Son
Anon Memoirs of Lady Hamilton 1815 Colburn
Bailey, J T Herbert Emma, Lady Hamilton 1905 Menzies
Bishop, Edward Lady Hamilton 1969 Heron Books
Bowen, Marjorie (pseud)  Patriotic Lady: A Study of Lady Hamilton 1935 Bodley Head
Danby, Frank Nelson's Legacy; Lady Hamilton, her story and tragedy 1915  
Field, Bradda Miledi, a romantic biography of Emma, Lady Hamilton 1942 Constable & Co
Frankau, Julia Nelson's Legacy: Lady Hamilton, her story and tragedy 1911  
Fraser, Flora Emma: Life of Emma Lady Hamilton 1986 Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Gamlin, Hilda Emma, Lady Hamilton: an old story retold  1891  
Giglioili, Constance Naples in 1799 1903  
Hamilton, G & Stewart, D Emma in Blue 1957 Allen Wingate
Hardwick, Mollie Emma, Lady Hamilton 1969 Cassell
Hudson R (Ed) Nelson & Emma 1994 Folio >Society
Huntington David (see Long)  Memoirs of Lady Hamilton 1815 New York
Jaffe, Patricia Lady Hamilton: in relation to the art of her time 1972 Arts Council of GB
Kenyon, F W Emma 1955 Hutchinson
Lloyd E Lady Hamilton: or Nelson's Legacy, a romance of real life 1849  
Lofts, Norah Emma Hamilton 1978 Michael Joseph Ltd
Long W H(Ed) see Huntington above Memoirs of Lady Hamilton 1899  
Moorhouse, Esther Hallam Lady Hamilton 1912  
Moorhouse, Esther Hallam Nelson's Lady Hamilton 1908 Methuen & Co
Prole Loziana Our Dearest Emma (novel) 1949 Museum Press
Rehberg, Friedrich Drawings faithfully copied from nature at Naples 1794  
Schumacher, H The fair enchantress: a romance of Lady Hamilton's early years 1912 Hutchinson & Co
Schumacher, H Nelson's Last Love: story of Lady Hamilton 1922  
Sherrard, O A A Life of Lady Hamilton 1927 Sidgwick & Jackson
Sichel, Walter Emma: Lady Hamilton 1907 Constable & Co
Simpson, Colin Emma: The Life of Lady Hamilton  1983 The Bodley Head
Solmi, Angelo Lady Hamilton 1982 Rusconi Libri (Milan)
Sontag, Susan The Volcano Lover (a romance): Lives of Sir William and Emma Hamilton  1992 Jonathan Cape
Tours, Hugh Life and Letters of Emma Hamilton 1963 Voctor Gollancz
Turquan, J & D'Auriac, J Great Adventuress: Lady Hamilton & Revolution in Naples 1914 Herbert Jenkins Ltd
Warner O Emma (or Lady?) Hamilton & Sir William  1960 Chatto & Windus
Sir William  
Fothergill, Brian Sir William Hamilton, Envoy Extraordinary 1969 Faber & Faber
Hamilton, Sir W Vesuvius, Etna and other volcanoes 1773  
Kirk Outlines from the figures and compositions upon the vases of Sir William Hamilton 1804  
Morriss, R HMS Collosus: The story of the salvage of the Hamilton treasures 1979 Hutchinson
Rathbone, Philip The angel & the flame: the two marriages of Sir William Hamilton 1978 Private
George Romney  
Chamberlain, A B George Romney 1910 Methuen
Cleeve, Rowley George Romney 1901 George Bell & Sons
Gower, Lord R C George Romney 1904  
Gower, Lord R C George Romney & Sir T Lawrence 1882  
Hayley, William (with blacke, William) The Life of George Romney 1809  
Henderson, B L K George Romney 1922 Philip Allen & Co
Hind, C Lewis Romney    
Mahoney, J H The Story of George Romney 1960  
Maxwell, H E George Romney 1907  
Romney, Rev J Memoirs of the life and works of George Romney  1830 London
Word, T H & Roberts, W Romney 1904  

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Nelson's Ships

Bugler, A HMS Victory: Building, Restoration, and Repair 1966 HMSO
Callender, Geof. The Story of HMS Victory 1929 Philip Allan & Co
Callender, Geof. Nelson's Flagship (abridged version of above) 1919 T Nelson & Sons
Deane, A Nelson's Favourite: HMS Agamemnon at War 1996  
Engholm, F W The Story of HMS Victory 1944 Lindsay Drummond
Fenwick, K HMS Victory 1959 Cassell
Fraser, Edward Bellerophon 1909 Wells Gardner
Hackney, Noel HMS Victory 1970 Patrick Stephens
Lavis B HMS Victory - a portfolio of plans as she was at the Battle of Trafalgar 1977 Neptune Publications
McGowan, Alan HMS Victory: Her construction, career, and restoration 2000 Chatham
McKay, John The 100-Gun Ship "Victory" 1987 Conway
National Maritime Museum Implacable: A Trafalgar ship remembered 1999 >NMM
Nelson Society HMS Vanguard at the Nile - the men, the ship, the battle 1998 Nelson Society
Pengelly, C The First Bellerophon 1966 John Baker
Smith, Bertie W HMS Victory: Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar 1939 Blackie
Uben, B G G  The Fighting Temeraire 1961 Blackwell

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Biographies of some contemporaries of Nelson

Beckford , William  
Brockman, H A N The Caliph of Fonthill (William Beckford) 1956 London
Oliver, M W The Life of William Beckford 1932 OUP
Codrington, Edward  
Bourchier, Lady Jane Barbara A Memoir of the Life of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington 1873 Longmans
Collingwood, G L Newnham A Selection from th Public & Private Correspondence of V-A Lord Collingwood 1828 James Ridgway
Klukvin Boris Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood 1972 Oriel Press
Mackenzie, E Life of Lord Collingwood 1841  
Murray, G Life of Lord Collingwood 1936 Batsford
Warner, Oliver Life and letters of Admiral Lord Collingwood 1968 OUP
Cornwallis-West, G The Life & Letters of Admiral Cornwallis 1927 Robert Holden
Camperdown, Earl of Admiral Duncan 1898  
Duncan N Duncan of Camperdown    

Elphinstone, Keith 

(Lord Keith)

Allardyce Memoir of the Honourable George Keith Elphinstone (Viscount Keith) 1882  
Parry, A (Ed) Admirals Fremantle 1788-1920 >1971  
Hardy, Thomas Masterman  
Broadley, A & Bartelot R Three Dorset Captains at Trafalgar 1906 John Murray
Broadley, A & Bartelot R Nelson's Hardy, his Life, Letters, and Friends 1901 John Murray
Gore, John Nelson's Hardy & his wife  1935 John Murray
Hood, Dorothy The Admirals Hood 1942 Hutchinson
Rose, John Holland Lord Hood and the defence of Toulon 1922 CUP
Hoste, William  
Anon Service Afloat or the Naval Career of Sir William Hoste 1887 Allen
Pocock, Tom Remember Nelson: The life of Captain Sir William Hoste 1977 Collins

Jervis, John

(Earl of St Vincent)

Anson, Capt W V The Life of John Jervis, Admiral Lord St Vincent 1913 John Murray
Berckman, Evelyn Nelson's Dear Lord: Sir John Jervis, Earl of St. Vincent 1962 Macmillan
Brenton, E The Life and Correspondence of the Earl of St Vincent 1838 Colburn
James, Adm Sir William Old Oak: The Life of John Jervis Earl of St Vincent 1950 Longmans
Sherrard O A A Life of Lord St Vincent 1933 Allen & Unwin
Tucker, J S Memoirs of the Earl of St Vincent 1844 Bentley
Louis H B Admiral Sir Thomas Louis Bt., one of Nelson's Band of Brothers 1951 St Edward's College, Malta
Rodger N A M The Insatiable Earl: A life of John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich 1718-1792 1994 W W Norton (USA)
MacIntyre, Capt Donald Admiral Rodney 1962 Peter Davies
Spinney, D Rodney 1969 Allen & Unwin
de Saumarez  
Ross, Sir John Life of Lord de Saumarez 1838  
Scott, Revd John  
Gatty, A & M Recollections of the Life of Rev A J Scott 1842  
Barrow, John Life & Correspondence of Admiral Sir William (Sidney) Smith 1848 Bentley
Howard E Memoirs of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith    
Pocock, Tom A thirst for glory: The life of Admiral Sir Sydney Smith 1996 Aurum Press
Shankland, P Beware of heroes: Sir Sidney Smith's war against Napoleon 1975  
William IV  
Pocock, Tom Sailor King: The life of King William IV    
Brougham, Lord Henry Statesmen of the Reign of George III 1839-1843 Knight

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