Nelson montage

Time line of Nelson's life and subsequent events

Date Private Life navy Career Rank
29 Sep 1758
Born at Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, England
26 Dec 1767
Mother, Catherine died
27 Nov 1770
Entered as Midshipman for the Raisonnable
Mar 1771
Joined the Raisonnable
Aug 1771
Transferred to the Triumph
Went to the West Indies in a merchantman
Returned to England and rejoined the Triumph
Jun-Sep 1773
Sailed with expedition in search of an Arctic route to the Pacific
Oct 1773
Transferred to the Seahorse and sailed for the East Indies
Invalided from ship with malaria
Returned to England
Passed examination for Lieutenant
10 Apr 1777
Appointed to the frigate Lowestoft
19 Jul 1777
Arrived at Port Royal, Jamaica
Sep 1778
Appointed first lieutenant in the Bristol
First Lieutenant
8 Dec 1778
Appointed Commander of the Badger
11 Jun 1779
Promoted Post Captain in command of the Hinchinbroke
Post CAptain
Fed-Apr 1780
Takes part in disastrous expedition into Nicaragua
Apr 1780
Appointed to command the Janus but too ill
Returned to England
Jan-Apr 1780
Convalescing at Bath
Aug 1781
Autumn 1781
Escorting Baltic convoy
April 1782
Met Mary Simpson
Crossed the Atlantic to Quebec
Nov 1782
Joined Lord Hood's squadron and returned to the West Indies
Mar 1783
Failed to take Turks Islands
June 1783
Returned to England
Oct-Jan 1784
Travel to France
Mar 1784
Brother William sailed with him as chaplain
Appointed to command the Boreas. Sailed for West Indies.
28 Jul 1784
Met Mary Moutray
Arrived at English Harbour, Antigua
May 1785
Met Fanny Nisbet
Nov 86-Mar 87
Aide-de-camp to Prince William Henry (later William IV)
11 Mar 1787
Married Fanny on Nevis
1787-1793 Unemployed and on half-pay ("on-the-beach") in Norfolk
1st February 1793 - Revolutionary France declares war on England
26 Jan 1793
Appointed to command the Agamemnon
June 1793
Sailed for the Mediterranean
Jul-Aug 1793
Off Toulon
27 Aug 1793
Occupation of Toulon
Sep 1793
Met the Hamiltons for the first time
At Naples
22 Oct 1793
Action with French frigates
19 Dec 1793
Toulon recaptured by the French
Jan-Aug 1794
Campaign in Corsica
12 Jul 1794
Action with Ca Ira
Dec 1795
Admiral Jervis succeeded Lord Hood as nelson's Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean
1 Mar 1796
11 Jun 1796
Transferred to the Captain
5 October 1796 - Spain declare war on England
10 Dec 1796
Transferred to the Minerve
13 Feb 1797
Fleet left the Mediterranean
14 Feb 1797
20 Feb 1797
Rear Admiral of the Blue
17 May 1797
Knight of the Bath
27 May 1797
Joined the Theseus
3-5 Jul 1797
Boat actions off Cadiz
24 Jul 1797
Lost right arm at Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Sep 1797-Mar 1798
Convalescing in Bath and London
14 Mar 1798
Hoisted flag in the Vanguard
May-Jul 1798
Pursuing French fleet in the Mediterranean
1 Aug 1798
22 Sep 1798
At Naples
6 Nov 1798
Baron Nelson of the Nile
23 Dec 1798
Evacuated Royal family and Hamiltons from Naples to Palermo, Sicily
14 Jan 1799
Rear Admiral of the Red
8 Jun 1799
Transferred to the Foudroyant
16 Jun 1799
Lord Keith succeeded Earl St Vincent (formerly Admiral Jervis) as Nelson's Conmmander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean
Jun-Dec 1799
Duke of Bronte
At Naples. Disobeyed orders to sail to Minorca. Commanded in the Mediterranean in Keith's absence.
Jan 1800
Accompanied Lord Keith to Malta
18 Feb 1800
Captured Le Genereux
Jun-Nov 1800
Returned to England overland with the Hamiltons
8 Nov 1800
Meeting with Fanny
20 Nov 1800
Took seat in House of Lords
Christmas 1800
Fonthill, Wiltshire
1 Jan 1801
Vice-Admiral of the Blue
Jan 1801
Finally parted from Fanny
13 Jan 1801
Hoisted flag in San Josef
29 Jan 1801
Horatia born
12 Feb 1801
Transferred to St George
6 March 1801
Joined Admiral Parker at Yarmouth
12 March 1801
Sailed for Baltic
25 March 1801
Transferred to the Elephant
1 April 1801
6 May 1801
Succeeded Parker as Commander-in-Chief of Baltic fleet
22 May 1801
Viscount Nelson of the Nile and Burnham Thorpe
1 Jul 1801
Returned to England
24 Jul 1801
Appointed to the command of the naval forces in the English channel
15 Aug 1801
Unsuccesful attack on Boulogne
18 Sep 1801
Bought Merton Place
1 Oct 1801
Britain and France sign armistice - to be ratified by Treaty of Amiens on 25 Mar 1802
22 Oct 1801
Moved to Merton
26 Apr 1802
Father, Edmund died
Jul-Sep 1802
Tour of West Country, Wales & Midlands
16 May 1803
Britain declares war on France following breakdown of Treaty of Amiens on 25 Mar 1802
16 May 1803
Nelson appointed Commander-in-Chief. Mediterranean
18 May 1803
Hoisted flag in the Victory
6 July 1803
Joined fleet off Toulon
Blockade of French Mediterranean ports
23 April 1804
Vice-Admiral of the White
14 Dec 1803
Spain declared war on Britain
Jan-Feb 1805
Chased but failed to intercept Villeneuve's fleet
Apr-Jul 1805
Villeneuve broke out into the Atlantic and was chased to the Caribbean and back by Nelson