6 November 1798

Baron Nelson of the Nile, and of Burnham Thorpe, in Our County of Norfolk 
22 May 1801 Viscount Nelson of the Nile, and of Burnham Thorpe
18 August 1801  Baron Nelson of the Nile, and of Hilborough (a further baronry)


In 1798, following his victory at the Battle of the Nile, Nelson was elevated to the "State, Degree, Dignity, and Honour of Baron Nelson of the Nile, and of Burnham Thorpe, in Our County of Norfolk" -  along with a pension of 2000 a year for three lives.

Much contoversy surrounded the title.

Admiral Jervis after St. Vincent, and Admiral Duncan after Camperdown had both been made Viscounts.

Lady Hamilton gave vent to her outrage. "Hang them, I say! If I was King of England, I would make you the most noble puissant Duke Nelson, Marquis Nile, Earl Alexander, Viscount Pyramid, Baron Crocadile(sic)."

In the House of Commons it was suggested that Nelson should be offered a higher degree of rank; but Pitt thought it "needless to enter into the question of rank". Admiral Nelson had obtained a great victory, "and no man would think it worth while to ask wheher he had been created a baron, a viscount or an earl."

 Lord St Vincent, however, reminded Nelson that "It is the highest honour that has ever been conferred on an officer of you standing inthe Service, and who was not a Commander-in-Chief." 

Nelson was granted the following Augmentations to his Armorial ensigns



 I..grant and confirm, to the said Horatio Baron Nelson, the said honourable Augmentations to his Armorial Ensigns; that is to say, to the Arms of Nelson, a Chief undulated, Argent, thereon Waves of the Sea, from which a Palm-Tree issuant, between a disabled Ship on the dexter, and a ruinous Battery on the sinister, all proper. And for his Crest, on a Naval Crown, Or, the Chelengk, or Plume of Triumph, presented to him by the Grand Seignior, as a mark of his high esteem, and of his sense of the gallant conduct of the said Horatio Baron Nelson in the said glorious and decisive Victory with the Motto - Palmam qui merit ferat; and to his Supporters, being a Sailor on the dexter, and a Lion on the sinister, the honourable Augmentations following - viz., In the hand of the Sailor a palm branch, and another in the paw of the Lion, both proper, with the addition of  a tri-coloured Flag and Staff in the mouth of the latter; which augmentations to the Supporters to be borne by the said Horatio Baron Nelson, and by those to whom the said Dignity shall descend.

As a baron Nelson could display a coronet showing four of its six pearls above his arms.

In 1801, following his victory at Copenhagen, Nelson was created a Viscount. Thereby he added a coronet showing seven pearls. 

Nelsons arms, now, and until the time of his  death took on the following appearance.