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 His Highness FERDINAND CHARLES, reigning Count of Leinengen-Westerbourg, is the Grand Master, elected for life, of this Order, which was instituted by several Princes and Nobles of the highest rank in Germany, and by several military men of the first distinction. It is at present composed of His Highness the Grand Master; of his Excellency the Grand Prior; of thirteen Grand Commanders (all persons of the first distinction); of seventeen Commanders, and forty-four immediate Knights, who are men invested with honourable employments; who by birth are Noblemen or Gentlemen, and whose lives and conduct are irreproachable. This Order, like that of Malta, being chapteral, admits of Ladies; and has one Lady Grand Cross, and nine Ladies of the Small Cross.

On the 14th of September, 1801, the General Chapter of this Order thought proper, unanimously, to confer upon Lord Nelson the distinction of the Grand Commander; and in order to give it proper eclat, it was announced to him by letter, dated the 29th of September, 1801, that being his birth day.

The badge appertaining to this Order consists of a gold cross with eight points, the whole enamelled in white: in the middle, and on both sides, is a laurel crown, enamelled on a flat circle: upon the foreside is the figure of Saint Joachim in a green dress, with a white sash round the body: from his left shoulder is suspended a white scrip, and upon his head he wears a green cap, according to the oriental fashion: in his left hand is a shepherd's crook. On the reverse is a green cross-pattee. This cross hangs by a large gold ring from a knightly helmet of massy gold, and is hung from a dark green-watered ribbon. The Grand Master, and the Grand Commanders, wear upon the left breast of their coats a star of eight points embroidered in silver; in the middle, on a white satin ground, is embroidered a green cross-pattee surrounded with a laurel crown; around all which, upon a border of dark green velvet, is embroidered the motto, Junxit Amicus Amor, in letters of gold.

The King's warrant permitting Lord Nelson to accept and wear the Insignia of the Equestrian, Secular, and Chapteral order of St. Joachim, is dated 15th July, 1802, and registered in the College of Arms.